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Software Engineer

Unity 3D Developer

Gameplay Programmer


About Me

My name is Emilio Angeles. I am a software developer mostly interested in creating XR applications and games.


I was introduced to programming in my last year in high school and decided to study game development in college because of my passion for video games. In 2019, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: Game Design at University of California, Santa Cruz. During my time at Santa Cruz, I developed different types of games and interactive experiences. Through my collaboration with a grad student, I found I had the most excitement with augmented and virtual reality.


After school, I interned with Volkswagen Group of America, developing XR tools for different departments and teams. I also partnered with external companies to build proof of concepts, highlighting technology that could be beneficial for Volkswagen.

Aside from programming and video games, I am an avid sports fan. I played basketball throughout high school and enjoy watching and playing just about any sport. 



cAR Dealership


Proof of Concept to demonstrate how augmented reality can provide a safe and easy car buying experience. Users can place the car model in their environment, viewing all angles inside and outside of the car, and change the paint color. Developed using Unity 3D for iOS and Android.

AR Factory


Proof of Concept for the Chattanooga Volkswagen Factory using augmented reality to assist with design decisions of factory plans. My role was to implement the marker tracking and UI elements. Developed using Unity 3D for the HoloLens.

Link to article

SFMTA Data Visualization


Tool for SFMTA to visualize data that they are receiving from a LiDAR sensor. The sensor is placed at intersections, collecting traffic and pedestrian information which is converted into .csv files. The tool takes the files as input and produces a 3D representation. Developed in Unity 3D for Windows and Mac.

VR Driving Sim


VR driving game testing if players can drive and play a target shooting game at the same time. A score is given based on number of targets hit and driving performance. The goal was to learn how to develop VR applications in Unity 3D and test different controller inputs.

Other Games


Drone Attack

Top down 2D shooter where the player flies a ship, shooting as many enemy ships as they can while avoiding enemy fire.

Link to Game



Third person 3D Puzzle game where the player has to find all of the ingredients to make a potion to stop themselves from shrinking before its too late.

Link to Game


Emilio Angeles


Email -

Phone - (510)396-6768

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